I love personalities.
I love seeing things different than most people.
I love capturing ‘real’ portraits.
I love working with emotions.

What inspires me?

I aim for greatness and perfection and this drives me more than most. Double Vision: When I look at a subject, whether it be a person, commercial space, product or landscape, I will typically see a vision of what most people will see, and also see what I feel people should ‘really’ see…this is why my clients come back to me again and again.

About my experiences:
Over the past 12 years I’ve had the opportunity to work with a vast variety of people and personalities, to work in several cities and see new lighting and symmetry, to tell so many stories through pictures and images, and I’ve had the chance to learn and grow in my field. Along the way I’ve photographed so many different types of sessions and subjects that I have developed a certain ‘style’ that is all my own. I thank the many skilled and award-winning photographers and journalists I’ve interacted, leaned and shared with along the way for much of my success as their feedback was essential to true growth as an artist.

What you can always expect?
Each photography session I conduct always has elements of planning, improvising, finesse, and intuition that is something very difficult to teach. My mind is open and I offer suggestion if and when needed as most of my clients are keen to my creative eye. Expect a session to be fun, timely, relaxing yet focused, energetic when needed, and professional through and through.